February 2015

University of Warwick

The future of Culture and Creativity in GB


Introducing the final report by The Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value titled Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth.

The 72pp perfect bound report features a book jacket with a spot white foil finish and draws inspiration from Swiss Style modernism. We used bold typography to make sure no reader would miss the Commission’s key recommendations and the most poignant statistics.

The cover illustration was designed to symbolise the Cultural and Creative Industries Ecosystem – each of the nine industries overlap – together they form the Ecosystem.

Read the full report and recommendations here.

The Warwick Commission Final Report


Infographics keep everyone in the loop


To make sure the Heathrow community were informed about every step in a series of phased airline moves into its new Terminal 2 : The Queens Terminal, Heathrow asked Creative Triangle to package the information in the most accessible format we could produce. We created a simple infographic and a handy guide to be emailed a week ahead of each move. The infographics were so well received, Heathrow added them to its Facebook page and extended the concept to other airline moves and projects.

22 Oct_South African Airways_Facebook Infographic_v3