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Heathrow’s New ‘Take Onboard’ Service


We were delighted when Heathrow asked us to help deliver their ‘Take Onboard’ service, which launched the 1st week of January 2017.

The look and feel of the Take Onboard identifier needed to be on brand, eye catching and simple to promote the new service with the participating food retailers within the Terminals. The suite of collateral included Digital Animation for live screens and website, Strut Cards, Shelf Wobblers and Table Cards.

Heathrow, Terminal 3, airside,' Take me onboard' campaign, shelf wobbler, photographed in EAT outlet, January 2017. Heathrow, Terminal 3, airside, Food Ambassador promoting ' Take Onboard' campaign, January 2017.

Heathrow Airport

Terminal retail guides


When Heathrow asked us to take a fresh look at their terminal retail guides we were thrilled. Each edition has four slightly different versions, tailored to the products available in each of the terminals.

SHOWCASE, is a bi-monthly 34 page guide highlighting some of the many delights available at Heathrow. With more than 75 big brand shops and over 40 places to eat there’s certainly a lot to ‘showcase’ to passengers. So far we’ve completed the Sept/Oct edition and the Nov/Dec Christmas special featuring hundreds of great gift ideas.

The Showcase suite also comprises of Summer Essentials – a 12 page glossy guide, packed full of savings on last-minute holiday must-haves. The summer edition of the Companion Guide – an eye-catching, 24 page, insider’s guide to what’s on in London in August. And the Technology Guide – an in-depth guide to the latest tech trends, featuring a combination of editorial and product information.

We can’t wait to get started on the next one!

Showcase_03 Guides_02

Heathrow Airport

Employee Induction


Heathrow has commissioned Creative Triangle to design and install an induction room for all new operational employees at the airport to make sure that they have an excellent understanding of Heathrow’s vision and brand.

Central to the induction room is a large ariel view of the airport printed onto a carpet with moveable 3D buildings (terminals, control tower etc) and props including airplanes, police cars etc. This floor activity has many uses – it encourages inductees to ‘take their shoes off’ and get involved, it works as a simple familiarisation tool and it clearly shows what makes Heathrow.

To break up the training sessions there are several interactive magnetic games around the room – encouraging inductees to consider components that make up the airport; retail, airlines, partners etc. There is a timeline printed onto the walls travelling around the room that depicts Heathrow’s journey of development – designed to enthuse and excite.

To encourage inductees to put the passenger at the heart of everything they do we created a passenger profile game using shoes to represent the different passengers, such as business, connecting, families etc.

ASC_7322 ASC_7208

Heathrow Airport

Welfare response plan


Having a clear, detailed and easy to use welfare response plan at Heathrow is imperative, making sure that eventualities are covered and everyone knows their role, actions and responsibilities. We have just finished designing and artworking this 174pp A4 folder. Michelle Smith, Head of Passenger Welfare at Heathrow, described the file as ‘being key to Heathrow’s planned welfare response during major disruptions such as extreme weather conditions’. Michelle added that they are ‘really happy with the result and were impressed with Creative Triangle’s dedication to the project’.


Heathrow Airport

Employee engagement


Heathrow have planned many passenger facing events across the airport this summer. For the first event they have teamed up with the Royal Horticultural Society to promote the National Gardening Week and the Chelsea Flower Show. To involve the staff, we have been asked to come up with an internal campaign which makes them feel part of the celebrations and helps them embrace the passenger event.

We have designed a 6 page DL leaflet with key event highlights and staff offers, a competition postcard to win an iPad by designing a flowerbed and an activities postcard and envelope aimed at children to engage the staffs’ families, for example how to make your own bird feeder and how to make plants from food.

RHS_Front RHS_Inner

Heathrow Airport

Training DVD


Creative Triangle have helped develop the standards for airside internal communications at Heathrow. There are close to 80,000 people working at Heathrow and many of them are responsible for airside operations. To ensure all of those who work airside receive consistent communications, we have developed design guidelines and content managed and produced literature used in staff training and awareness campaigns including brochures, maps, posters, z-cards and many more.

With so many employees having the responsibility of driving a host of different vehicles airside, we were asked to produce an interactive and challenging piece of communication that could be used in staff training programmes. Every person who drives airside needs to complete a test and also needs to re-sit that test every five years. Heathrow’s concern was that the staff training was not consistent and needed a pack that could be given to trainers allowing them to offer a consistent approach to the test.

The result was to produce an interactive DVD with notes that contained a film covering all of the major health and safety factors that arise whilst driving airside.  We conceptualised & programmed the training DVD which includes short videos filmed onsite and interactive training aides which complement and reiterate the information in the videos and allow the participant to engage with the trainer in highlighting possible problems that could arise whilst driving airside. The short videos are categorised making it easy to navigate through the information. The training aides are a fun, interactive way of recapping on important key points discussed in the videos.

HeathrowAirsideDrivers HeathrowAirsideDrivers2

Heathrow Airport

Energy Centre


The objective of Heathrow’s low-carbon strategy is to reduce emissions across the airport – the Energy Centre is a new facility which is set to play a significant role in doing so.

We have created an A6, 42 page, spiral bound familiarisation booklet for internal stakeholders which introduces them to the Energy Centre. The brief was to create a ‘handy’ reference booklet full of information that can be conveniently absorbed by the reader.

The booklet, which includes safety information, access details and operational essentials, has been designed to be tangible, practical and accessible to all. A pipe work illustration, which represents the pipe work that carries hot water around the airport, guides the reader through the booklet. There are illustrations to add interest to each page and key facts and figures travelling around the pipe work illustrations to highlight important information. Fold out pages show the process diagram which visually describes the workings of the Energy Centre and compliments the copy.

Pat McLaughlin, Heathrow’s Generation Maintenance Manager, gave us some feedback on the project –
‘A very useful, well designed and informative booklet that worked well for the familiarisation of Heathrow’s newest asset…graphics were good and the mixture of these and text worked well.’

Heathrow_EnergyCentre01_500 Heathrow_EnergyCentre02

Heathrow Airport

What would you swap yours for?


During the sporting summer an integrated marketing campaign encouraged 2,500 Heathrow employees to suspend their car park pass for two months, enabling the airport to prepare for an unprecedented increase in staff levels and to reduce the pressure on staff car parks.

Creative Triangle worked with Heathrow Commuter, part of the airport’s sustainable transport team, to create a simple and effective campaign that could convince Heathrow employees to choose an alternative way to travel to work. The ‘Car Park Pass Swap’ – a scheme through which staff could suspend their car park pass for two months in return for £200 worth of fuel, a £200 cycle voucher, a Heathrow Travelcard for the bus network or a zones 3–6 Oyster card for the London Underground was the basis of the marketing campaign. The communications strategy was based on the support of multiple stakeholders and communications channels across the many companies based at the airport. Using multiple mediums such as posters, leaflets, adverts for external and internal newsletters, the airport newspaper to support a monthly column, as well as the Heathrow Commuter website, outdoor advertising at car park bus stops, direct mail and emails.

The campaign was able to achieve maximum awareness, consideration and ultimately a conversion to scheme members, with a simple graphic of ‘Car Park Pass Swap’ which creatively provided a visual thread throughout all the reiterations of the campaign posters (we extended the scheme closure date twice), multiple emails to existing employee member driven databases and eventually a ‘recommend a friend’ competition which provided just under 10% of the overall successful applications.

Over 4,500 employees applied for the Car Park Pass Swap scheme and just under 2,500 car park passes were suspended meeting Heathrow Commuter’s target and keeping staff car park capacity stable during the sporting summer.

Business man

Heathrow Airport

I’m making T2 a success by…


We have been asked by Heathrow Airport to create a set of internal stakeholder communications to create a buzz of excitement and engage them in the redevelopment of Terminal 2. Initially we have designed a bi-monthly newsletter, ‘T2 Taking shape’, which has been emailed to staff outlining the construction programme and key milestones for the project. Following this we designed a series of posters which depict staff’s individual involvement in the T2 project. Three of these poster designs, along with matching tent cards, have just been printed and will be circulated throughout Heathrow.

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Heathrow Airport

Congratulations to Heathrow Commuter


We would like to congratulate our client, Heathrow Commuter for their recent success at the London Transport Awards. Heathrow Commuter, Heathrow’s airport sustainable travel team, won the Excellence in travel information and marketing award for their Save 75% off Heathrow Connect campaign – for which Creative Triangle designed the supporting material.

The campaign was described by judges as having ‘impressive results from a comprehensive marketing strategy’.

2011-04-28-lta-0285 ltalogo

Heathrow Airport

Half Price Fuel


Heathrow Commuter, Heathrow Airport’s sustainable travel team, launched a car share campaign in March promoting ‘Half Price Fuel’. Heathrow has the largest car share scheme in Europe but still find that a savings message is the most affective way to generate awareness and recall amongst the 76,000 employees who are the potential target.

Our challenge was not only to come up with a memorable way of communicating ‘Half Price Fuel’ but to roll the concept out across lots of other mediums that would help to generate registrations to the scheme.

Our approach focused on creating a headline and graphic that worked like an illustration, it gave us a presence in print that we were able to scale up and down for online promotions on intranets, screens and emails and ultimately at registration events in the four terminals, which resulted in just over 500 employees joining the scheme that month. We also launched a new call to action through this campaign – a text service. Monitoring responses will help to establish a preference for getting in touch for the next one.

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Heathrow Airport

Staff notice boards


We have just helped to launch a new channel for marketing messages to staff at Heathrow Airport. We have designed, produced and installed contemporary notice boards in four high volume areas for staff at two locations. The notice boards have been designed to be updated on a regular basis with Heathrow Commuter’s (the airports sustainable travel team) current marketing campaigns – they also have the facility to display leaflets for staff to take away. They were installed a couple of weeks ago and as a result of lots of high level praise (‘they’re so clean, modern and on brand’) we have already been commissioned to roll them out across the rest of the airport– success all round!


Heathrow Airport

Say cheese!


We’ve had a great deal of involvement in all of Heathrow Airport’s communications, so when we were asked to co-ordinate and direct a series of photo shoots for the company we leapt at the chance. The brief was to capture its staff in their working environment, and that is exactly what we’ve been doing! So far, as well as getting a lot of great images, we’ve also had a really fun few days out on the shoots. Say cheese!


Heathrow Airport

75% off Heathrow Connect Rail


Having been working with Heathrow Airport since the start of its ‘Heathrow Commuter’ scheme, we’ve made real progress in encouraging a high percentage of its 76,000 employees to choose a more environmentally-friendly way to travel to work. Our latest campaign offers Heathrow employees a massive 75% off Heathrow Connect Rail fares, which is a great incentive. This campaign has involved posters, direct mail, bus posters, website updates and e-shots.

Watch this space to find out how effective this campaign was!


Heathrow Airport

Expo brochure


Following the success of the tender pack project for BAA, we were commissioned to design a piece of marketing material to promote Expo, a dedicated programme of unique and inspiring installations that will capture the imagination of Heathrow Airport’s passengers and enhance their journey throughout the terminals, providing an unexpected extra dimension to their travels.

As well as displaying inspiring and thought-provoking content celebrating the best of the UK, Expo showcases events and experiences tied into the national and global calendar. Some Expo spaces are allocated footprints in Terminal 5, both before and after security. Other installations may be more integrated into the terminals to create a multi-touch point experience or an element of ‘wow’ factor.

In order to promote the use of this space to Heathrow’s target audience, which included charitable, artistic, cultural or sporting based organisations supported by commercial sponsors, we designed a sophisticated brochure which replicated a high end art / museum catalogue to showcase this space and the opportunity available.

We selected a catalogue size to encourage the targeted user to read more and get involved. The final brochure was 391mm x 300mm and was digitally printed on uncoated stock. The Expo brand was subtly de-bossed to the front cover which created a stylish and timeless design. The brochure was posted to a specific target audience and has achieved highly effective results.