University College Birmingham

University College Birmingham

Tackling gang violence


We recently designed a programme, schedule, DVD and folder (to house it all) for University College Birmingham’s second annual EUGANGS conference on responding to youth violence. The design and colour ways were influenced by the existing EUGANGS logo and brand. We used an attention-grabbing graffiti backdrop, stencil type lettering and added spray textures to give a bit of depth.

EUGANGS is a collaborative project whereby professionals from five countries, have to research, develop and accredit a new professional or vocational qualification for those working in Gang and Youth Crime environments across Europe.


University College Birmingham

Earn while u learn


Having developed the University College Birmingham’s ‘Apprenticeships’ identity, Creative Triangle were asked to create their Apprenticeship marketing material ready for National Apprenticeships day. Including posters and a cleverly designed z-card, the collateral which detailed all of the key information needed to encourage potential students to consider the apprenticeship route with UCB.

We used the bold strapline ‘EARN WHILE U L£ARN’, teamed with inspiring imagery and accessible script typography which created an eye-catching, colourful piece ideal for the target audience.


University College Birmingham

Appealing to school leavers


Having worked with University College Birmingham for many years, Creative Triangle were entrusted to design and artwork this year’s School Leavers’ prospectus. This 88 paged A5 booklet needed to really grab the attention of their target audience, be easy to read, present the detailed course information in a digestible manner and successfully promote the university’s key selling points – their outstanding OFSTED feedback and their wide range of functional apprenticeships and courses. The design was influenced by current fashion trends – such as the Ed Hardy brand – so to appeal to the target audience of school leavers and to encourage them to reach for this prospectus. Click here to view the full prospectus.


University College Birmingham

What’s in it for U


Having worked with University College Birmingham for many years, we were delighted to be asked to design a campaign to encourage their students to complete the National Student Satisfaction survey. The campaign needed to be bold and eye catching. We created the intriguing strapline – ‘What’s in it for U’ – which played on the existing use of the ‘U’ and helped to grab students attention– this campaign was applied to posters, flyers and pop ups across the campus. We also designed and produced a life size ‘U’ to go into the reception area which was to be filled with sweets helping to visualise how many students were completing the survey and how close the University was to achieving their target. The University have had the best response ever in terms of numbers completing the survey this year.


University College Birmingham

Showcasing a key asset


For the past 3 years we have designed the University College Birmingham’s two public restaurants’ leaflet. This year they wanted to change the look and feel of the leaflet to ensure it mirrored the newly refurbished restaurants’ quality and sophistication. Through the use of bold colours and stylized illustrations we have created a leaflet that really showcases a key asset to the university. The use of a UV spot on the cover has added an extra touch of elegance.


University College Birmingham

First of many…


We are excited to have just completed our first project for the University College Birmingham. We were asked to pitch for the design of a new brochure for UCB’s two public restaurants. Our cost effectiveness won us the project.

The brochure will be used to advertise UCB’s restaurants to the general public. The brief was to create a brochure that emphasised the restaurants’ quality, value and variety. Using images of the students at work and taster menus, we designed a brochure that illustrated the restaurants’ professional status.

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