Electric Vehicles


WestTrans is a partnership formed of six west London Boroughs working with Transport for London (TfL) to identify, develop and implement sustainable transport projects. They commissioned us to tackle the problem of communicating the complexities of the Electric Vehicle charging system to potential customers.
A big part of choosing an EV is how easy is it for a customer to charge their car, either at home or while out and about. The availability of charging points has a big impact on potential customers’ willingness to confidently invest in an EV.

We designed an appealing and informative leaflet which included a large die cut of an electric charge on the front cover, it also featured stylish images, simple charts and infographics highlighting the different types of charging and where in each borough these are available. Dealerships and WestTrans have received positive feedback on the leaflet so far and are hoping this will lead to an increase in sales of EVs.