Cranmore Park

New Branding

Completion Date: 26/04/24

Creative Triangle were tasked with rebranding Cranmore Park, a versatile multi-purpose venue (owned by Associated Independent Stores (AIS)). They sought a refreshed brand identity to reflect its ability to host a diverse range of events, ranging from small meetings to large exhibitions and award ceremonies.

The challenge:

Our goal was to create a visually appealing and resonant brand identity for its diverse clientele. The task involved creating a brand that was competitive, unique, and memorable. Additionally, we aimed to highlight the venue’s dynamic and adaptable character, showcasing its capability to effectively cater to diverse events, and ensuring it appealed and connected with its varied audiences.

The solution:

We designed a bespoke marque that mirrored the architectural shape of Cranmore Park’s roof, integrating the venue’s name and punctuating the logo with a full stop to echo its graphic elements. Secondary graphics of circles and connectors were introduced to echo the brand’s theme of connectivity, reinforcing the links between the venue and its audience. The colour palette features black, silver, and orange with supporting teal, adding modernity and energy. A clean sans serif typeface was selected to complement the bespoke font, ensuring clarity and legibility across all branding materials. Additionally, we designed the signage system throughout the venue, and initiated the design process for its new website.

The impact:

Head of Marketing & Communications at AIS, said:

“So pleased that this project is now live – a real collaborative effort. Great to work with the team on developing the new brand identity – lots of discussions on developing a digital-friendly identity.”