Mud and laughter
builds a stronger team

We play together imaginatively with as much spirit as we work together. We share ideas and enthusiasms; we know what makes our colleagues tick. In the studio, we bounce business and creative ideas off each other with the ease and efficiency of long-term collaborators.

Away from our screens, we run together, laugh together, climb mountains together, learn together, volunteer together, raise funds together. All that shared mud and laughter builds trust. We know what it is that you want to achieve; we work as one to make it happen.

Meet the team

Beth Somi

Account Manager

Campervanner & Tea Maker

Dan Howe

Graphic Designer

Photographer & Cartographer

Jamie Brutnall

Creative Director

Marathoner & Typographer

Ian Lynn

Graphic Designer

Stargazer & Creative Thinker

Sally Heard


Skydiver & Organiser

Andrew Sheppard-Burgess

Graphic Designer

Dreamer & Artworker

Carolyn King

Design Consultant

Sunbather & Wage Payer

Neil Emery

Design Consultant

Juggler & Ex Lecturer

Joanne McBean

Design Consultant

Fundraiser & Communicator

Paren Chauhan

Graphic Designer

Early-Riser & Creator

Carys McInnes

Business Development

Raver & Instagramer