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From subtitles on films to drop kerbs, accessibility is everywhere. Some of the things we take for granted that make our lives easier every day were originally created to be accessible to people with physical disabilities, sight impairments and more. We love accessibility, and we’re determined to bring it to the world of branding, marketing and design wherever possible.

We want everyone to be able to interact with the materials we create, rather than shutting out large sections of the population who might struggle to read or view our work. This is not a checkbox exercise for us; we think accessible design should be fun and engaging, and we’ve had years of experience making that a reality.

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What is Accessible Design?

Accessible design will differ depending on the industry you’re in. However, for branding and marketing it focuses on a few things: making text readable, visuals understandable and interactive elements usable for as many people as possible. Here are some examples of accessible design you might have already seen:

Image alt text:

Images on websites might be impossible to understand for someone with a visual impairment. However, if they are using a screen reader that verbalises the writing on the site, an image’s alt text will be read out along with everything else. Descriptive alt text therefore makes sites more accessible.

Keeping information available:

If a crucial piece of information is only available in an image, an audio clip or an animation, it might not be accessible to everyone. If this information is crucial, some people might not be able to understand the overall work. Accessible design ensures all information is presented in a manner that everyone can utilise.

Making text readable:

Not all text is created equal. For people with dyslexia, or a similar difficulty, black text on a white background can be hard to read. Simply by changing things like colour and typeface – or representing information in different ways – can make everything more understandable, and therefore more accessible.

How can Creative Triangle help?

We’ve spent years creating accessible projects across the realms of digital and print marketing, branding and design. Here’s a selection of the services we offer:

Our services

In addition to digital, print and large-format assets, we are able to produce a number of accessibly designed options that will ensure your marketing and branding is not only compliant with WCAG 2.2, but goes a step further. We go the extra mile to make sure everything we produce can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, and that is evident in our work.

We provide accessible PDFs, designed to be as inclusive as possible above and beyond WCAG requirements. We have years of experience in this field, which we use to make your assets accessible in ways other agencies might miss. We can create everything from simple summary PDFs to documents of hundreds of pages, all inclusive and able to be enjoyed by everyone.

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WCAG guidelines: What are they?

You might have heard about WCAG 2.2 and wondered what it means. They are the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and they’re a way for businesses to check they’re being inclusive for all.

They explain how anyone with any online content can make sure it is able to be accessed by people who are visually impaired, hard of hearing, or have physical disabilities or learning difficulties. This covers a wide range of possible issues, and it’s not always easy to abide by the guidelines. However, we can help any organisation that needs to abide by WCAG 2.2.

Learn more about WCAG 2.2 here

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