Aston University

Platform Magazine

Creative Triangle was tasked in creating Aston University’s internal staff magazine, Aston Platform. Having successfully completed the Spring and Autumn 2023 editions, we recently delivered the Spring 2024 issue. These digital booklets are a vital component of Aston’s internal communication strategy, featured on the staff website.

The challenge:

The key challenge was to develop a digital magazine that was not only visually appealing but also comprehensive in content. Each edition needed to align with Aston University’s branding guidelines while effectively managing a substantial amount of content and images. The goal was to create a magazine that was engaging, informative, and reflective of the university’s vibrant community.

The solution:

Our approach involved meticulous design planning to ensure each edition of Aston Platform was both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. We focused on creating a layout that was easy to navigate while incorporating a variety of content and images. Adhering to Aston’s brand guidelines, we crafted a design that resonated with the university’s ethos and enhanced the overall reader experience on their internal staff website.

The impact:

The reception of the Aston Platform magazine has been overwhelmingly positive, with the Internal Communications Manager at Aston University, expressing his satisfaction:

“We love working with Creative Triangle on our Platform magazine. From initial brief through to final delivery, they really get what we are trying to achieve, and our staff have told us how much they love the new design too!”