Airside Safety Campaign

Completion Date: 15/04/24

Creative Triangle designed a campaign for Heathrow Airside Safety. Developed as part of a comprehensive initiative to mitigate risks in airside operations, an area where safety is paramount.

The challenge:

The primary challenge in this project was to create visually compelling comms that effectively communicate key safety messages to a diverse workforce. The messages needed to cover essential practices, including wearing high-visibility clothing correctly, seatbelt usage, avoiding driving distractions, foreign object debris (FOD) management, vehicle and equipment checks, and incident reporting. All aligning with our ‘The Safety Six’ branding we previously established for Heathrow.

The solution:

Our approach was to design posters that were not only striking but also conveyed the safety messages clearly and succinctly. By focusing on strong, recognisable visuals related to each safety message, we ensured that the key points were immediately apparent. Our designs followed the Heathrow guidelines, and used direct language to capture attention and foster understanding across Heathrow’s diverse airside team.

The impact:

The suite of airside safety posters has been instrumental in Heathrow’s ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance safety standards. The Airside Safety Improvement Officer at Heathrow said:

“Collaborating with Creative Triangle has been key in effectively promoting our Safety 6 campaign. The design of each poster and newsletter is consistently stunning and innovative, capturing everyone’s attention and encouraging engagement within the airside community in delivering safety messages. Yet, what truly stands out is their collaborative approach. They are approachable, receptive to feedback, and handle last-minute changes with patience. It’s truly a pleasure to work with a team that is as creative as they are accommodating.”