Renewed Purpose

Completion Date: 30/04/24

The introduction of a new CEO at Heathrow has led to redefining their strategy and in turn an opportunity to reposition their purpose and vision. ‘Making Every Journey Better’ remains and whilst it was largely passenger-centric, the emphasis is now embracing all stakeholders and customers including passengers, colleagues, suppliers, and partners, underlining the ambition of transforming Heathrow into ‘An extraordinary airport, fit for the future’.

The challenge:

As the airport evolved, there is a critical need to expand ‘Making Every Journey Better’ to reflect its diverse stakeholder base and re-focus the strategic objectives. The challenge was to create a more inclusive branding that resonated with every individual and entity interacting with Heathrow, from ground staff and retail partners to global airlines and local communities whilst sticking to the core of brand guidelines.

The solution:

Creative Triangle developed a comprehensive creative concept using vibrant on-brand colour gradient and style to visually represent this progression. We also crafted new icons for each of Heathrow’s strategic Beacons and Foundations, ensuring each design was meaningful and aligned with Heathrow’s goals. Final deliverables included:

Visual and Digital Assets: Engaging animations, digital assets, and an immersive Terminal 3 space.

Engagement Tools: Interactive pledge boards, 3D units, and selfie booths to engage the community on-site.

Informative Materials: Presentation decks, information packs, and a dedicated webpage to communicate the new strategy effectively.

The impact:

Senior Business Partner at Heathrow, said:

“It has been a pleasure to work with Creative Triangle on delivering our new strategy. This was a huge task with many layers and Carolyn and the team were with us every step of the way. We were in constant communication and if we needed further clarification, additional ideas or a speedy response, the team couldn’t be more helpful. In two months, we were able to deliver a leadership event, a comprehensive suite of digital assets, new branding and identifiers, as well as scoping and delivering an immersive space for circa 1,000 colleagues to experience.”