Midlands Innovation

University Investment Prospectuses

Creative Triangle collaborated with Midlands Innovation in a pivotal campaign aimed at enhancing global R&D investment in the Midlands. Our task was to design and artwork a suite of University Investment Prospectuses, showcasing the region’s potential across four major sectors.

The challenge:

The challenge involved creating publications that spanned Agri-tech, Health and Life Sciences, Transport Technology, and Zero-Carbon Energy. Our goal was to visually encapsulate the innovation and opportunities these sectors offer, making them appealing and informative to businesses and investors worldwide. It was crucial to not only highlight the potential of the Midlands but also ensure the designs resonated with the UK government’s GREAT branding.

The solution:

In response, Creative Triangle developed a series of prospectuses that effectively communicated the depth and breadth of the Midlands’ capabilities. Working closely with Henham Strategy, we ensured that each design element aligned with the vision and branding requirements. Our approach combined expert design with insightful artwork to bring each sector’s potential to life, facilitating a clear and engaging narrative about the Midlands’ innovation landscape.

The impact:

The Programme Director at Midlands Innovation, commended the project:

“It has been my pleasure to collaborate with Creative Triangle on the University Investment Prospectuses. Their team’s expertise in design and artwork was instrumental in bringing our vision to life using the UK government GREAT branding and assets. Working directly with Henham Strategy, Creative Triangle skilfully captured the essence of innovation and opportunity in these areas, effectively showcasing the depth of potential that the Midlands holds for businesses and investors globally. We are delighted with the results and look forward to continuing our partnership with Creative Triangle as we drive forward the spirit of innovation in our region.”