Bentley Motors

Wellbeing Branding

Completion Date: 12/07/23

Creative Triangle was honoured to partner with Bentley Motors to create a unique brand identity for their internal Wellbeing campaign. Tasked with reflecting Bentley’s prestigious reputation, our goal was to develop a suite of assets that not only resonated with luxury but also effectively engaged staff in wellbeing initiatives.

The challenge:

Bentley Motors, known for its luxury and excellence in the automotive industry, required a branding solution for their Wellbeing campaign that matched their high standards. The challenge was to design a main logo and a suite of sub-brands that not only aligned with Bentley’s image but also effectively communicated and encouraged participation in the company’s wellbeing initiatives among its staff.

The solution:

Understanding the importance of brand alignment with Bentley’s stature, Creative Triangle meticulously crafted a range of assets. The main logo was designed to embody sophistication and elegance, while the sub-brand icons were created to represent different facets of wellbeing clearly and attractively.

The impact:

The branding successfully engaged Bentley’s staff, raising awareness and participation in the company’s wellbeing initiatives. This project not only showcased Creative Triangle’s ability to deliver high-quality, design work but also highlighted our skill in creating assets that resonate with and inspire the target audience.

Head of Internal Communications at Bentley Motors said:

“We’re pleased to be working with Creative Triangle, who are helping us bring ideas to life in a creative and inspiring way. Their can do approach make them a trusted partner and their wide ranging capabilities from design, animation, digital, print, project management and more mean they are a one-stop-shop for the majority of our Internal Communication needs.”