Enhanced Digital Presence

We’ve recently had the opportunity to bring our creative vision to DiamondAir, a luxury global concierge service that provides a premier passenger journey.

The challenge:

DiamondAir required a digital presence that matched the luxury and precision of their concierge services. The first stage was the redesign of their website involving a meticulously planned photoshoot to showcase every step of the passenger journey. We managed every detail, from selecting props, storyboarding and art directing the shoot to co-ordinating with photographers and booking models.

The solution:

Our web design involved integrating the striking visuals and footage, clearly highlighting the different services offered and working in collaboration with our copywriter to ensure the messaging resonated with the brand’s luxurious and professional ethos. We are continuing to work with DiamondAir to develop further bespoke booking sites and create supporting marketing collateral and social media assets in line with their ongoing social media strategy.

The impact:

Founder and CEO DiamondAir International reflected on the partnership:

“Working with Creative Triangle has felt like a great additional support to my team and our business. Their knowledge and experience within the aviation industry and across a broad spectrum of marketing and creative disciplines, alongside their agile approach to working with us, has given us the exact support we need in growing our business.”