Manchester Airports Group

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reports

Creative Triangle was commissioned by Simply Sustainable to undertake a significant project for Manchester Airports Group (MAG), involving the creation of a CSR Report and three summary documents. The task extended beyond report development to include an impactful social media campaign, highlighting MAG’s CSR activities across various platforms.

The challenge:

The project required developing online PDFs ranging from 10-70 pages, each needing to be fully accessible and WCAG compliant. Additionally, the challenge was to craft over 60 diverse digital assets for a social media campaign on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, each with varying messages to effectively promote MAG’s CSR efforts.

The solution:

To meet these requirements, Creative Triangle meticulously designed the CSR reports and summary documents, ensuring accessibility standards were met. For the social media campaign, our team crafted a series of engaging animated and static digital assets tailored to each platform, effectively conveying MAG’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. Our approach was to combine creativity with precision, ensuring that every asset delivered a clear and compelling message. We also designed and programmed an animation to illustrate how committed MAG are to CSR through a timeline of activity.

The impact:

ESG Manager at Manchester Airports Group, praised our work:

“Creative Triangle has been a true pleasure to work with from the first stages of obtaining a quote to project completion. The team responded to our brief with detailed design concepts that were tailored to our preference and ensured the on-time delivery of the project.”

The successful execution of this project not only showcased our design and strategic marketing skills but also significantly contributed to enhancing MAG’s CSR visibility and engagement, meeting tight internal deadlines and publication dates.